Monday, March 08, 2010

Vodafone India Postpaid to Prepaid plan Conversion, Migration

Finally Fight is Over, peace everywhere ;)

Vodafone Customer Care has been playing last 7 months telling me my number cannot be converted to Prepaid due to some Technical problem. Now after a Single Email, the matter is resolved, I am back to Prepaid.

In this world where you can make a Video Call to 1000 miles every, a Tiny Technical Problem is preventing Vodafone for Plan Migration for the past 7 months :). Funny is it ??. TRAI's website clearly mentions the notions for the plan conversion.

The increasing competition & drop in call rates is burning the hands of all Mobile Operators which force them to take new Tactics such as

a. No Postpaid to Prepaid conversion ( Atleast the rent they will get )
b Free Caller tunes for One month (Without even asking Caller Tune was activated in Reliance, it took me 2 calls to customercare to block the same.)

So for all those people who wish to Migrate, here is the steps.

a. Call your Vodafone CustomerCare (no. 111)
b. Get the Nodal officers Email Id and contact number
c. Send an Email telling about your Plan conversion (keep TRAI's
Email<> in the CC)
d. Do some follow up mail.

This is the mail I received from the Nodal Officer, Maithri H

>>Thank you for your email dated 05/MAR/2010 about postpaid-prepaid migration

We would like to inform you that we tried to reach you on your Vodafone number and was unsuccesful in speaking to you.

Please find the below details of the migration.
1. You need to visit the nearest Vodafone store and collect a new prepaid sim card, kindly revert to us as to which store you will be visiting to collect the sim card for us to process for sim delivery.
2. Also the Vodafone account will be deactivate once the payment is received and processed for migration.

In case you need further assistance, please do call or email us. We'll do our best to help you.

Happy to Help

Maithri H
Nodal Officer
Contact numbers
Vodafone Care : 111 or +91- 9886098860
(Toll free from Vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
Nodal Officer : +91-080 41193000 (Available between 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday)
Fax number : +91-080 41001011
E-mail :
Website :

I condemn these kinda cheap fights, instead they need to think innovatively give more services or convenience to the customer and make more profit.


BPO said...

May be sometimes the customer care could not help you instantly due to some inconvenience, but they will help you by one way or the other.

Anonymous said...


I am in process for same. Did you finally get activated prepaid sim for same number?


Anonymous said...

Is your prepaid connection activated? I am told that SIM will be activated in 15 days.

Dilpu aka Dilip Vamanan said...

Hello, I got a prepaid activated SIM two days before.

All the best for you.

Anonymous said...

and did you keep the same number?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buddy,

Its Worked. After a long fight with Vodafone, i got it. The nodal officers were very good with me.

Any ways its done now.

roop said...

Hi dilip,
I am facing the same problem .May i know ur mobile number else gimme a ring 09886093666.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that you got the migration done, pls pass on some more information

For Karnataka (BLR) Users

1) pls provide the nodal email address you coordinated with

2) the TRAI email address you send a CC to....

3) How long did it take for the migration. was there any dead period where your phone was completely dead and no one could get in touch with you (on that number) if so, for how long?

thanx in advance
Hope you reply.

Balaji K said...

HI Dilip,

Your inforamtion is so fruitful to me...

Rehan said...
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Rehan said...

Hello Dilip,

It would be appreciated if you could answer KP questions..

I too need to know how long the sim was deactivated when the migration was on process and TRAI's Email ID.

Plz do reply...


Dilpu aka Dilip Vamanan said...

1) Nodal Officers email address:: You can get it from the call center. Call 111 and ask for the email address. Mine was

2) TRAI email address:

3) How long : Its just a matter of 1 Night to get your prepaid SIM to get activated.

harish said...

i have one there any time bound for post paid to prepaid conversions ....i mean for a post paid customer does he need to be post paid customer for 2 months....Is it necessary.....Please do inform me

Anonymous said...

hie friends,,I have just buy vodafone card postpaid there any time bound for post paid to prepaid conversions ....i mean for a post paid customer does he need to be post paid customer for 2 months....Is it necessary.....Please do inform me
thanks for ur help

Anonymous said...

for nodal officer contact detials see this link

Danielle said...

I agree with you BPO, sometimes a customer care support from a call center company could not instantly give you the solution to your problem because of some sort of inconvenience but if you could be patient enough they would definitely be helpful to you by one way or other.


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hasan said...

hello guys..
I have givem ma number for migration from postpaid to prepaid...
They told that it ll take 7 days for the prepaid sim to get activated and hence for that much time my sim will be blocked... Its blocked... I dunno wen is it gonna activate...
7 days is too much i guess for migration of sim...

anil kapri said...

first of all i really thank and appriciate you for creating such a great blog. i have some samm queries. i hope you are gonna help me with all these quries. well i am using this sim for past one month, can i go ahead and request for prepaid to postpaid conversion? and if it's possible could you forward me the same email that u sent to vodafone care.
thanks in advance
with regards
Anil kapri

Aise Hi said...

I got my PostPaid to Prepaid converted in May 2011 at Bangalore. I contacted Nodal Officer via information on page

Received the response to pay-off my postpaid and got converted to the mutually agreed vodafone store.

No penalties paid. I had PostPaid connection for less than 90 days and still I got converted to Prepaid. Made more sense as I had serious network issues in Suncity apartments at Sarjapur - ORR Junction, Iblur Village.


Clay Calling said...

Nice post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing

jacob said...

Its a great facility by which we can easily transfer our number from postpaid to prepaid and enjoy the facility of a prepaid connection.With this facility,we can also do vodafone online recharge from online recharge portals in just few minutes.

ashreyamom said...

for me they are asking me to pay extra 1000 as they consider mine to be a special number. I was not informed at the beginning that mine is special number which is chargeable later days.

Parita said...

hey i am from Delhi....your blog is really i have been using postpaid number for less than 1 month....i wanted to know if i can find the nodal officer's email id on the internet or do i have to just contaact vodafone customer care (111) ? and what is TRAI's it the officer's email?...

Pissed of customer said...

visited Vodafone Koramangala Showroom on 15th March 2014 and placed a
request to convert my connection to prepaid and paid outstanding amount +
one full months rent, total of Rs 359.

I provided a Photograph, Aadhaar card as ID and Address Proof and filled in CAF form. Unique ID of the form was PKAN 741*****.

I got a call from 99******60 saying my application is rejected as the
contact number whom I had given for verification did not pick the call.
There were no calls made to the given number.

that, I contacted 198 and talked to Mr. XXXXXX who informed me that
there is no request registered at Vodafone end regarding post to
prepaid conversion and as per information with Vodafone I visited
vodafone store just for some enquiry. He asked me to visit Vodafone
store again.

had talked to Vodafone Customer care earlier, on Monday and today
morning and both cases they had confirmed that the migration will happen
within 48 working hours.

So Vodafone is playing with me!

Sainath said...

give ur mail id.... i will send u the details....


What is the TRAI's email id?

Nagarjun said...

Hi Dilip...very helpful blog,....i got my sim migrated from postpaid to prepaid within 1 day of mailing nodal with TRAI's CC'd...thanks a lot...and i hv a doubt that they asked me to pay my outstanding bill amount of 33 Rs dono why..

Tejaswi said...

It's not even a month that I took my Vodafone postpaid number. Can I migrate to prepaid now? Or do I need to wait for 90 days span as said by customer care people.

himanshu said...


I am in process for same. Did you finally get activated prepaid sim for same number and my number is 9999780563


Biplob Biswas said...

Thank You Dilip, I have been trying to call Customer care but I couldn't able to reach there. Now I know what to do after reading your given steps.

D said...

hi i called 111 and they are refusing to give the nodal officers emails id and numbers!!!! strange!!! what do i do now? i have to convert post to pre and i have relocated to another city.

Kapil kumar said...

Say to them< by mail / some written proof> I won't use your no by that date & if you won't change my no . I won't pay

Deepak said...

hello Dear
I m facing some problem with vodafone connection so i decide my vodafone postpaid no. 9711134.... i converted to prepared it is possible please help me.