Monday, March 08, 2010

NLP Says Yes, you can dear

I had read about the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training before, But this was the first time I have experienced in Detail from a Professional trainer Prof. Jacob Raju. Today there was a program conducted by frazertimes & Mrs Jyothi Ganesh on NLP and Successful Living Orientation.

Professor started the session with a Communication exercise, where the audience had to guess whats going on One Lady's head by seeing the Body Language. Communication consists of 7% words, 38% tone, 55% Body language. I scored pretty Good 6/10. That was interesting new concept for me. If we really concentrate on the Body language of a person, we will get the whats going on inside their mind. Its because of the responses the person is giving out to the air. I really want to work hard on this.

The next was the Eye Accessing Cues, Depending on the way in which a person Eye is moving we can guess if he/she is remembering/constucting/thinking/feeling/self talking. The most important session was on the Empowering beliefs. Our Belief System is always a combination of Images, Words and Feeling. If we want to Change the belief System, It important to control/alter them. For a lot of people there are hidden opinions/beliefs/values/convictions which hinders their way to success Its very important to alter those images from our inner mind.

Here is the simple step which will surely help in each one of us.

a. Think of a Bad incident which is hindering you even now
b. Close your Eye and Make a Static picture of it in your mind
c. Bring that picture close to your face, so that it is very clear.
d. Now Shrink that picture to a dot.
e. Move the dot very much away from you.
f. Again think about the same incident.
g. Repeat the steps till the time the entire incident is moved away from you.

I found this suggestion very much helpful and surely it has helped me to move out of one incident happened to me.

Now i am going to involve in a new project, i am not telling the Project Name, But the tag line is "Get Up, Now Start Kicking!"

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