Saturday, July 02, 2011

[Tutorial] Invite your friends in Google Plus

Google + has surely created a great Buzz in the online social media world. People are going crazy to get invited and invite others. There are different way to invite your dear ones into Google Plus. Here is the easiest way to invite or add friends.
Add all of the email addresses that you would like to invite to your Gmail or Yahoo email account.

Method 1: Using Import Feature

If you want to invite your Facebook friends, import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo Mail.

Go to Google Plus and click on the “Circles” link.

Create a circle to add your friends into. I created one called “Facebook Friends”.

Drag all of the people you want to be added to Google Plus into that group (you can select as many as you’d like at once).

Method 2 : Using Stream

Type your personal message in the stream and type all those email IDs in the Add circles to share with. Now after adding all those friends email ids to share with. Now with this post, your friends will be receiving Google Plus invitations also.


Vivek Sancheti said... visit here to get the invite

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