Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back to Rocking mode

2010 has been Unraveling in front of me in a surprising way. Hell lot of opportunities are knocking the door. Now its the vacation time ;)

It happens for everyone. Sometimes we just want to forget about the world around you, spend time with thyself. Now I have decided to take a break from everything and spend some time in a beautiful place. I just want to drive in my Car, take a luxurious hotel room, (may be!) enjoy a chilled KF.

I Had so many options like Kodai, Ooty, Goa, Mysore ... But one place which has touched my heart exactly last year, yes 2009 March was KennilWorth Beach Resort in Goa. Last year I had enjoyed to Beach, Goan Phenny n the calmness in the waves touching the shore in rhythm.

Yes Its official, This week from Wednesday (10th - 12th ) you can catch me in any one of the Goan Beaches

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