Saturday, March 05, 2011

Buy Books Online, Swaroop's Innovation ISBN.NET.IN helps!

Are you just another guy like me who hates going to book stalls searching for the book ?.

FlipKart and lot other services has made it very easy for us to order book online and ship it to our house freely. I am a great fan of flipkart and for a long time I just thought thats the only online book store available in India. So I bought, bought and bought without thinking of prices and the beautiful sales push they do!

Discount of 15% + Free shipping, Good.

But now Swaroop CH has made an excellent online tool which compare the rates of all the online bookstores and get you the best rates possible. So I am looking to buy Linux Device Drivers 3rd Edition, ISBN number 8173668493, So open the URL with ISBN Number prefeix

Whola, I got the results, popped up first with Rs 351, but Out of Stock :(.

 But I was able to buy from the secon one BookAdda which fetched me additional 6%.

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