Thursday, March 24, 2011

Athirathram in Panjal Starts at April 4th 2011

Athiratham 2011 will start in April 4th in Panjal, Thrissur, Kerala

Its time for Panjal to host Athirathram again. The previous Athirathram was conducted in the same place in 1975. Athirathram 2011 is going to be conducted in the same place, by Poothillathu Ramanujan Somayajippadu and Kapra Sankaranarayanan Akkithiripad. The function starts in April 4th and will go on till April 15th 2011.

So What is Athirathram ?

The Agnichayanam Athirathram is a vikriti modification of agnishtmam, Agni to Namboothiris lasting 12 days, a great spectacle and display of learning. The goal of all yaagas is the prosperity of people at large by energezing and protecting the environment. The sun is considered as the main source of energy supply, and fire is considered as a representation of Sun's energy. According to the ancient texts of Yaagam any offer to fire as a god is actually an offer to Sun.

The 4500 year old Vedic ritual, Athirathram is a 12 days event, a great spectacle and display of learning. Its only because of the pure hearts of thousands soon after the 2006 Somayagam in Kizhakkancherry, people can witness such a Holy function.

The first Athirathram in 1975 was performed due to the special interest of Dr. Frits Staal of the University of California and by Mr. Robert Gardner, with support from several international agencies.

Panjal Athirathram 2011
04-15 April 2011
Panjal, Thrissur, Kerala, India

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