Friday, January 07, 2011

Vodafone Prepaid or Post Paid Connection

I just looked at the numbers!!

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Vodafone Prepaid to Post Paid Conversion 

Vodafone Prepaid or Post Paid Connection for Blackberry services ?
Vodafone Blackberry services are the best, I am a 100% satisfied customer.

The Unlimited plan will come with Surf the net and access mail while on the move, stay connected with BlackBerry Messenger, catch up with friends on social networking sites, capture, replay and share priceless moments with multimedia applications on your smartphone. But let us look us some of the figures of Vodafone prepaid, and vodafone Postpaid blackberry services rates.

Vodafone Prepaid Rates Rs 399/Month
Vodafone Postpaid Rates Rs 599 in a Month

If you take the rates for any additional services like Missed Call alerts, SMS Pack, Vodafone postpaid charges more from the customers. So I had decided to switch back to Prepaid.

Vodafone Prepaid to Post Paid Conversion

I got so many Thanks and Wishes from people guiding them to deal with one of the Cheap Tactics to extract more money from Ordinary People.

Let me explain the process in Simple Terms again.

You are a Postpaid customer of Vodafone, you would like to move back to Prepaid. In 99% cases, call centers, or Vodafone outlets will tell you, it is not possible due to technical reasons. Don't panic here.

a. From Call center or Vodafone customer care outlet, find Nodal Officers Email ID and Contact

b. Contact Nodal Officer with Trai's Email ( ), Vodafone Kar Customer Care, Put a word about the same with URGENT, ILLEGAL in message.

c. Once you receive the response, take the same to Vodafone outlet, give back your Old SIM, New Address Proof, ID Proof, One Photo to receive a new SIM.

The New SIM will be activated within 48 hours. For the next 48 hours, if someone calls, they will get the response, "The number does not exist." No issues, the same number will start existing in another 48 hours. 


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