Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who's taking my Time ?

Somebody popped me with this question. Who is taking your more time lately ?..

Surely it is not friends, parents, business partners.. Its the TRAVELS.

I traveled around 5000 air miles last month, 6000 Kms though land in October-November months alone. Some one is very angry about this and I simply can't help it. Why ?. Because this is for my future. Some facts I learned recently.

a. People in Bihar are sensible, fun loving and willing to learn
b. Darjeeling water will make your hair very smooth like silk
c. Vijayawada Biriyani is not so cool as it sounds
d. Orissa beaches are yet to be known to tourists are beautiful spots
e. Coal field express takes just 2 hours from Howrah to Durgapur
f. In Aasansol, Methane gas just comes out of no where, lot of people cook with it
g. Bangalore Hotels are 100% more cleaner, neater than Bengal
h. In Darjeeling Apples are very very cheaper!

More miles to go !!

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