Sunday, March 21, 2010

U turns are Good

I dont know how many of you reading has takes U turns in your Life ?.

But I have taken, not once, twice or three, so many times... From my experience, U turns are good, lead you to self correct, take a whole new path of excitement.

I do visit my classmates, batch mates blogs and seldom find most of them struggling in monotonous jobs, hating their bosses, one question to them when will you take a U turn ?.

I was discussing with my Dad yesterday. I might have done something stupid leaving a good job, but now whatever i am doing is making me happy, keep finding out new stuffs and may be one day I can also enter forbes list of millionaires. The point is not to enter the list, but the whole lot of charm, fame, limelight and future for you and your next generations. May be Ambanis have reached the list in two generations, but surely in this world of "Build To transforms" companies are created and close down in 5-10 years, So entering the market in a new idea, and spreading it out doesn't take any time.

I surely want to write more on this Build to transform. But now time to do more SEO..

Good night.

update : i am now able to believe I can also be there in forbes list, belief level has come, now the action and result matters :)

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