Thursday, March 18, 2010

Custom Domain, CNAME, A RECORD, Error Persists (Resolved)

I have done my thorough research through nitecruzr and other solutions in the Internet. But the Custom Domain Issue still persists :(

Scenario : I wanted to migrate from blogspot ( to As Google Suggests, we need to just change the CNAME and A Records. I requested to my hosting service provider. He did and sent me the screenshot below.

After I change to custom domain, the website is opening with So there is some issue. Now for debugging I tried work out with something.

a. TL - Time to live value was previously 14400. Now I asked my service provider to change to 3600 seconds, ie to 1 hour
b. If I am pinging

    ping comes with correct value
    ping ---> wrong

c. Google's DNS checkup tool returns no CNAME found. 

What are we missing here ??... Someone's help will be highly appreciated :)


nitecruzr  came for my help through Google Blogger help forum. The matter is resolved. But I am thinking when will our hosting support engineers learn the basic debugging lessons. Its very common that most of the people just want to wash their hands clean and put things on others. Here it is the same that happened. Every time I contacted the support staff@ewebguru, they will try to prove they were right instead of finding out the solution. Great anyways its resolved now.

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