Saturday, April 10, 2010

IPL has great entertainment Value

I know, you also know. But I never believed until I saw it. Yes I am talking about the entire entertainment value for IPL.

It was the first time I could find out time from my business schedules and go for a Cricket Match. Time and Tide was perfect. The crowd, so excited, energetic and cheerful. The match was between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers. I was praying deep from my heart for RCB to loose. Why ?. Yes I want my team Rajasthan Royals to enter Semi Final easily :-)

Hats off to Mr. Lalit Modi, for making this game so much exciting. This surely shows the superb management skills of India. A Game which English people developed is being transformed by Indians to entertain the whole world :-)

Now I am eagerly waiting for the RR vs RCB match ...

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