Sunday, March 14, 2010

HeadStart, JoinRmpinfotec, KitKat

Last Three days life has been turned around in these three things.

First time attending HeadStart in Bangalore. Networked with hell lot of smart, charismatic people. Something stuck me very hard was the advancement of China in every field. Contrary to the popular belief India is catching up or on par with China is a Bull S***. The main reason for China's Growth is the financial n moral support Govt is providing. I volunteered myself for the next Event!. I am planning to submit one of my idea to the morpheus for the funding.

JoinRmpinfotec - Thats one of the online marketing tool I am currently working on. I plan to apply some of the Online strategies for my promotion. In a country of 10-30 million netizens, the tool will be really helpful.

Yes, Sometimes we shouldn't think anything, Buy a Chocolate, KitKat my favorite, Sip it slowly and feel very happy from inside. It help you to really get Cool, become intelligent and Contained.

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chennapanaidu kamani said...

I am using post connect since 3 months after that i got transfer from Hyderabad to Bangalore it's call cost is too high.

SO i would like to convert the post paid to prepaid.

What ever out standing amount i paid.

what is the procedure pl's update me..