Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Places of Interest

I like to write some details about the beautiful places in and around Calicut. This will be helpful for our Speakers coming for the FLOSS Meet @ NIT Calicut. I got most of the details about Calicut from this website . The Site clearly mentions about the different destinations around Calicut

Sheik Ibn Batuta (1342-47 AD) explains Calicut like this !
We next come to Kalikat one of the great ports of the district of malabar and in which merchants from all parts are found... They put a thief to death for stealing a single nut, or even a seed of any fruit, hence thieves are unknown among them...
Everything about the different " Places of interest", "History of Calicut", "Other tourism details " etc is given nicely in this site.

i suggest for the following places for you !

1. Thusharagiri
Thusharagiri is situated 55 kms away from Kozhikode City and the 'Green Splender' considered as the major tourist destination in Malabar region with four water falls right in the middle of the forest. The waterfalls and streams amidst the hilly regions are really a feast to eyes

Some Photos of Thushara Giri
Thusharagiri 1
Thusharagiri 2

Thusharagiri is near to our college also. It will be really an enjoyable trip also :-)

2. Kozhikode Beach
The Beauty and serenity of Kozhikode beach is not yet exploited to develop it into a tourist centre. Still People from all around gather here to enjoy the sunset and it is a popular retreat for local people. Two sea piers almost 125 years old extending well inside the sea are a speciality.

3. GhatSection
This is thick dense forest and is called the " Chirapunchi" of kerala because of the high availablity of the heavy rains. It is about 44 Kms from Kozhikode and is the boundary to Wayanad district. A journey through this ghat section is enjoyable experience . It is 14 kms long with nine hair pin curves amidst a number of hills and thick forests. A view from the top will be a breath taking experience.

4. Thali Temple
An ancient temple. really worth to see. :-)

5. Kappad Beech

On 27th May 1498, Vasco-De Gama landed here with three vessels and 170 men. If you travel 16 Kms north of Kozhikode by kannur road, a small road near Tiruvangoor health centre guides you to this beach of historical inportance. A monument is here to commemorate the historical landing. An ancient temple on a hillock, facing the deep sea, is an added attraction.

I think swaroop desperately wanted to see some of the Kerala Beaches right ?....

6. House Of Othena
An ancient Hero . But the place is far from our college

7. Kadavu Resort ( 5 star Resort ) Very Expensive ! But really nice , we use to have our class treats there ..