Friday, January 21, 2005

Exams Over !! Back in Home..

This is the first time i am writing the Blog from my home. Artificial Neural Network was cool ! not difficult. Three application type questions.
1. What can you'do' and ' not do' with ANN ?
2. Design a model algorithm through which it can predict the future water level in a particular river. The water level mainly depends on the rainfall. We have the previous rainfall Vs water level values available, now we need to predict for the current year !
3. Some match the following type.

Our Final Poster is printed and we printed it in the A3 Sheets. We have released two versions of posters, which i will put up in the website soon.
See our website, we have edited the profiles of most of our speakers. and we may try to distribute some Ubuntu GNU/Linux CD's during the program .. Back in home I was awaited with about 90 CDs...

A Word about our Sponsors for FLOSS@NITC:
Till now we haven't talked much about this. TCS has agreed to sponsor for the event. I am sure about the money, but a fair amount. Also along with the CSI Parent chapter, IBM ACE centre and Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, our part is safe, I hope. So we havent yet tabulated on the total expences. We were planning to keep a (very) nominal registeration fees and provide the delegates the Lunch, Tea, Some CDs. + Writing Pad and Pen.


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