Friday, January 28, 2005

Two days to Go !

yep, I ( Actually we :-) me and pravi) couldnt update the blogs for two days. We were (are) really busy with the FLOSS MEET . This is going to the last program in my B.Tech Days. Only 3 more months in this college.. Its really a sad thing . I still remembers the days in A Hostel( Room No 315) , B Hostel ( Room No 202 ) then to C Hostel( 128) and finally to D Hostel(143 and 220). Its really hard to conceive.
Then about the FLOSS Meet, almost everything is ready, we got aroung 50 registrations itself from the first years and expecting to have about 10 to 20 from our year . The 2nd years and 3rd years are hard to predict. I will go to the MCA Students and M.Tech Students Hostels today. So need to get 30 from them . My Friend Vishnu was suppose to come for the Event from Palakkad NSS, but he cancelled due to the Special Class.
Today we have 1. Got the Permission for Atul to configure the Wi Fi 2. Met Mahesh and give the Banners to be made ( Simple Banner ) 3. Arranged the food during the event( I had a smaill Fight with Mohandas Sir about the vegeterianism, there is still Chicken in the menu and I cant stand for it , Praveen is also in my side ). 4. Got the Help from Chandra Mohan sir to make the Butter paper for screen printing the Files ( flaps that are to be distributed during the event ) 5. Praveen went to the Press club to distribute the printed matter to the differnt newspapers.

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