Saturday, January 08, 2005

A lovely weekend :-)

Yet another weekend. we had the class treat @ Kadavu resturant y'strday bythe 2nd batches of placed students which includes Pravi, Xavier, Nidhin, Frank,Rahul,Peppe,Pramod,MS sorry i coulnt recollect all !. More over its a lovely and expensive place where they charge aroung 250 bucks for one person . The Resturant is near to a river, and you meet lots of foreigners there.
All my weekends, i use to spend (rather waste )for seeing movies. Today I saw 2 movies
1. Pulival Kalyanam ( staring Jayasurya and sweet Kavya)- This is a lovely movie with lots of new and old numbers, like Shake Abdulla. also i liked the song Aru Paranju, Aru paranju, Njan Kandathu Rakkanavanennu Aru Paranju. .. Its really a nice song composed by Kaithapuram.
2. Lovely ***. I dont remember the name. nyway its nice tooo. The whole story happens in the X mas month, where the director shows the get togethers, sharing love.

Today i went to muneer( Paneers) And copied some movies from the F Lan to my Harddisk. Hence I have to finish them by atmost tomorrow.

I still have to complete my Linux Networking course. c'mon, be a Vivekanada, Dont Stop still your Goal is achieved. Lets put the Dream as Yahoo and Intel, Then you will atleast turn up in HP or IBM.

Top Priorities of this week ;
1. Recharge My Mobile
2. Complete the networking course
3. finish the movies
4. decide and meet Dr. Mohandas and fix up the Linux Conference Plans
Any thing more ? No not at all....
dILPU ( I really like seeing this )

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