Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Got my self Patched

Yep, I dont know if you take that word 'patched' in the sence i meaned it to be. I today got my self injured after running under the time pressure. This will/would have happened to all of you, when yu are so busy with something, so time runs out from you. you care nothings all the things will be vague and you may end up hitting a tree. The thing happened to me was , I was having a Film which was not given for washing for a month. so decided to give it to our dada, jayajith. So to reach him fast I took a cycle from my friend. But some how i just didnt care while driving and fall out from that. My Left arm is still painign . so inorder to type the alphabets A, B,C etc, My right arm has to move from right to left and do the job.

Not moving further, Started the work of Unofficial guide to NITC

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