Sunday, January 09, 2005

FLOSS @ NIT Calicut

Yep, The key speakers for the event are finalised. They are

1. Atul Chitnis -- Linux Consultant and chief organiser for Linux Bangalore 2004 . Also check his website http//

2. Shanker Balan - Shanker Balan is a systems engineer with Yahoo! Bangalore. He is part
of the team which takes care of Yahoo! Mail related operations all over
the world.

3. Swaroop C H -- Software engineer in Yahoo! , His ebook on Python has been downloaded more than 15,000 times .Check his website and

4. Pradeep Kumar -- A main activist in the Gnome Bangalore group . Specilisation Sqlite.

We have to yet finalise about the sponsership and related matters. Also our speakers like to hang around in Kerala for some days. Hence any suggestions ?
We will have our Next meeting ( Combined meeting of IEEE and CSI on Tuesday after infront of MB.
Pravi is also busy with the website designing and other things. Byw today we distributed the GNU/Linux Posters to the linux hactiviststo put infront of the rooms.

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