Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Alexander the Great ?

The Greatest Legend of all was real

I dont know wat happened to me 2day .. Not feeling good ..
Saw the MovieAlexander . The movie is bit lengthy but a full entertainer. Collin Farrel has done a great job as Alexander, and the tomb raider girl acts as his mother. The story is a bit twisted to make Alexander a real hero, but is it like that ? In the movie they are not fully showing the war between Alexander and Moguls when he came to invade India. Shankar has told me that Alexander fully got defeated and left with nothing but with some of his close associates. He also got married to an Indian girl. Wow ! great Indians.

About 2day's Classes all the classes were as boring as us usual, Misha's bla bla, Papy's boo boo and what is new in the class room ? Nothing , absolutely nothing , Its really the worse semester.Ya some thing new i can do in the class room is, sit in the back bench and "think about the things thats never gonna happen-like how to surpass all these stupid teachers etc "
Also I new idea came to mind is to do some thing for the benefit of our juniors like making an E book that helps them to get rid/overcome all the stupids in our college and earn good marks. So I decided to start the work of " An UNOFFICAL GUIDE TO NITC" howz that ? If you have any comment on the subject do mail me .

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