Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Hard Day :-)

Mondays are always bad ! Why ? Its because We have all the 4 Morning classes Plus one 3 Hr Lab Session. Also Ancy Madam will always find something wrong with every one's rough record and fair record. Today under the leadership of jayajith and Karthik we decided not the submit the fair record. What happened ? Atleast for about 15 minutes she was shouting like anything ! We all pray (hope) her to leave the college after her wedding on 21 January.

I have almost finished reading an excellent book by RAJA RAO - The Serpent and the Rope. This is one of the sweetest book i have ever read. The Novel had won the Sahithya Academy Award also. The novel describes the story of a Brahmin Ramaswamy who goes to France for higher studies meets a French girl from there and Marrying her. The story describes the true love, passion among them. The Girl Madeline really started to luv the Indian culture, traditions etc. Moreover there are wonderful verses of the Great vedas and Puranas in between. Let me recollect some lines ,
"Truth is the fact of existence. That is truth is the essence of fact; and as such truth and existence are one and the same. Man sees himself in woman as essence, the fact of womanhood is the meaning of life. If they are nothing in order, you could not know that you are. If Parvathi had not sat and prayed that Shiva would open his eyes and there would be no world.
Love is the honey of knowledge, knowing is sweet because woman is . "

The book is for all who r planning to wed a foreigner :-). Sorry I am always an exception. Mama will kill me .. Still religion place an important part in our minds.

I am now along with Shyam (Admin of this project) and pravi is in the work of the website for the upcoming Floss meet. All the speakers are fixed and the event is really going to Rock all the NITC.


Anonymous said...

Hey you didn't mention me when you wrote about ' The Serpent and the Rope'. It was me who took the book from library. Even before I completed it [In fact I just read a page] you took it [and you didn't return it till now]. Also I was the one who told you that 'Tojin rated this as a good book'. Give a courtecy man :-)


Dilpu said...

Maph karo yar ! Abhi tse mem aissa nahi karungaa.