Thursday, January 13, 2005

Website is up ! and Not running :-)

The Website is up ! and Not running :-)

Ther are still some problems with our campus networking center . Riyas, network admin told me to work with me tonight and solve it . Still the page is not able to be accessed from outside ( Ofcourse we tried from different computers in the campus, No problem its working nicely ). There is still some problem .Pradeep , one of our key speakers for the event told me he isn't able to see the site, 1000 thanks to him ( The first official tester of the site :-) ). Hope the site will be OK by tonight.

Today afternoon I went to the Amritha Cyber Cafe in Kattangal and checked it ! Pradeep was right, Its showing the error " Cannot connect to ". Later only i thought about the GREX, we can get a free account in the , telnet in to that and from there we can try the site . This will help us to find if the page is available in the outside community.

Still lots of works remaining 4 the FOSS Meet.
1. Design the poster/ and get the sponsership for that from IBM-Ace center
2. Need to finalise the travel plan of the Speakers.
3. Make the Online registeration form in the Website for the outside Delegates.
4. Get the permission for the Bhaskara Lecture Hall.
5. Arrange for the Food .
6. Contact the GNU/Linux Team in Trivandram and need their help

Nothing special happened in the Class today. As usual Misha Mam, Preety Mam, Padmakumari Mam took the boring classes.. Some how i will be free after 3 months. Long live dilpu !

Thats all 4 now !

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