Sunday, February 21, 2010

Successful, Define ?

Life has been taking 360 Degress turn around several times reccently.

Google cheque of 150$ was good. But now they are turning down my new application due to un acceptable site content. For them if some Indian change the Payee name, thats fake or cheating. So I had to cancel my applicaiton and request for a new one. The cow which gave milk is not allowing to milk now :)

Different projects & Ideas circling around, but concentrating on one is not happening.

New friendships are being built but the old one are being broken. When someone is fighting we cant say who is wrong, its only the time, a Wise saying from my friend ;)

Planning for a break in Goa in the first week of March.

Marriage invitations are floating around in my mail box from relatives, friends, and class mate. But I remain consistent ABSENT for ALL !!

Lot of moves, The prestige, V for Vedanta, The serious man, MNIK, Dance pe chance. I really want to get a big screen in my home. Seriously bored with the Laptop screen.

Finally, I am successful now, Defenitely.

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