Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Hit Quarter Century!

Yes I hit Quarter century today(40 min back :) ). I rarely come back to my old companion blogspot. But whenever i come back I will be very happy.

This time, yes I became older, wiser, smarter and richer.

Past year highlights

a. Got out of the job, started working on something!
b. Learned the hard way of financial managment
c. Met a lot of people, made no friends
d. Moved to a new house alone, no body to talk to or disturb to
e. Learned driving my brand new four wheeler

I want the coming year to be like

a. Graduate from IIMB in entrepreneurs course
b. Make a lot of money
c. Settle the life, something like buying a new house, probably a 3BHK in Bangalore city
d. Planning about my future ventures and business

I know one thing I deeply want myself to be a very successful, respectful entrepreneur

God Bless you, Good night!

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shankar said...

Many many Happy Returns of the Day!!!