Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nMarketers.com Domain Registered

Finally we have an address of our own!.

I will keep my Business Updates on http://nmarketers.com

Lets have a Blast!


Things I would like to do using this domain

a. Awareness about the beautiful Industry called Network Marketing
b. Learning Space for newbie/middle/advanced level Networker
c. Collaboration/Forum to discuss the burning issues
d. Let ideas pour in from all angles

One of my leader asked me One question, this is burning inside me from long time, that is

Have you been 100% to your best of abilities to your Networking Career ?. My answer is surely NO!, but I am sure that through this initiative of nmarketers.com, I can attract, collaborate people of similar mindsets and attitude for the betterment of tomorrow.


Hari said...

Oh , so you left Wipro ?
Why so ?
Is this paying you enough ?
Anyway Wish u a Happy Onam ....

With Love Hari K T

Matia said...

Good words.

Barman said...

That good news but more success will come if you realize the important of tools to build downline very quick.