Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am lost

There are situations where you wanna say something to somebody and you can't. I feel those will be the worst situation in my life ( Hey I am not mentioning about the time when words dont help to express something okay .. Poets call It as love !! ). You got words but the receiver is not there. What will you do ? You can't just speak out the stuffs to bare rock and feel satisfied. You cant just keep them in mind and make the condition more worse.

So what will you do ?

I dont know. I think I am lost now. I am not having any control over my mind and thoughts. Its flying to the blue unknown. I just come to the office, go back home, take food all for what ? Just for existence ? then why am i living ? and why should i ? People says you need to live for others ? Then what ?. If you can't live for yourself, then how can you live for others ?

I think I am lost. If you are not still lost, read my friend Zahir'r Blog and get lost :)


Praveen A said...

The best part was the last sentence :-)

Arun M S said...

I agree with parveen.a

samy said...

totally fida on u dear