Friday, July 14, 2006

Coming back to life.

See its been a long time, since I expressed my views, dreams and life. My Website ( ) gone down after March. I am back in to Blogger.

Lot of things happened in my life .. Work Work Work, thats the main manthra now. My life was much better with the assignments, semster exams, Labs ... Now Coding then Debugging and the process repeats ..

I need a break. I will be leaving to Haripad today evening. Bye for now

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Praveen A said...

Great to see you back on blogsphere :-) Hope you had a nice time at home. I am just back from a 4 day off today. I went to NITC and met Paul sir, ATM sir, Dhanraj sir and Rajagopalan sir. I went for the seminar actually.