Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Patch Adams... Munna Bhai MBBS ?

I happen to see " Patch Adams " yesterday night !. The movie really touches your heart. The story is about a A medical student in the 70's that treated patients, illegally, using humor and love. The movie is actually based on the true life of a Doctor who treated his patients with not just Medicine but with true affection and care. Robin Williams ('Patch' Adams) play the role of the student supported by Daniel London (Truman Schiff) and Monica Potter (Carin Fisher). The Heroine is really amazing , she plays her part well...

Patch Vs Munnabhai ?
I saw Munnabhai some times back and still remembers most of the scenes. MunnaBhai can be considered as a suitable adapted and evolved movie of Patch Adams .. In that Sanjay Dutt ( Munna ) Cheats the teacher and earn the marks , but in Patch where the hero actually works hard in night and attains good grades. In the Munnabhai , the movies ends well with the hero marrying the heroine, bla bla bla... But in the parent movie the heroine actually get murdered by a Patient.. Rest in all ways all the scenes in Munna Bhai is copied or adapted.

RAGAM 2005
Our Cultural festival Ragam is in this week , Visit the Wiki Site for the history of the festival. Please visit the Ragam website, for more details about the venue and event. Congrats to Praveen for designing the Registration form.. Also kudos to the juniors for designing the wonderful pages and the flash intro..
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See ya! in RAGAM 2005


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