Thursday, February 10, 2005

Excellent Day !

Wow ! I had a wonderful day .. Got up a bit early today 7 am .. I had to present the seminar on the "Price Discriminarion " ...I started the seminar with the question " how many of them have heard the word price discrimination ? ..Then Every one started shouting "No !". I started the seminar with an example about the US Resturants. The example is " When you go to a US Resturants with children, in addition to the usual menu you get a children's menu , which will be having almost all the same foods but with lesser cost ! . Why is it like that ? Is it because of the special love of the Hotel owners towars children ? Then Why ? The reason is, parents know that the children are going to eat most of the part of their food . So they will be surely worried about the expences for the food and slowly they will migrate to the fat food resturants.. Hence inorder to prevent such hazards the intelligent Hotel Owners keep the seperate menu ! ." So when yu go alone to the Hotel try to get the childrens's menu and order from that :-).
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