Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Economics Seminar

I have to take the Seminar on "Price discrimination and its after effects " in the class tomorrow . Started Preparing .. There is no LCD in the class room, so I need to use the Black Board and Chalk :-) ..
In my childhood after seeing my Parents, I wanted to become a Teacher . People use to point out that It is the only job in which you will get max Satisfaction and respect. I completely agree with that .. For that you need to be a good teacher not any one who can play tricks on the students and move out from the class... I do have that experiences.. There are teachers in this Pretigious institute of Technology, who are just coming the class unprepared and teaching the students that even they are sure about .. I am experiencing that day by day .. One of our teacher ( Senior -- Lecturer) who is now taking a relevant subject is scruing the entire lecture hours.. If she reaches a situtation in which she cannt explaing the things she will be blaming us... Then what makes a good Teacher ?
"The desire to teach and the ability to teach well are not the same thing. With the rarest of exceptions, one has to learn how to become a good teacher."
I just searched in GOOGLE for " HOW TO BECOME A GOOD TEACHER ?" and got some excellant results

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Good Night !


Anonymous said...

Well Dilpu, me too like teaching
[Not the Electrical stuff anymore]

I'll be in CS dept some where after some years job:-)
I cannot tell about any teacher [atleast for this sem, for I've not been in the class :-)]
In my case I cannot blame anyone too [got two backs for the best teacher we've got :-)]

PS:correct the link (add http:// or it looks a page in blogspot with name starting www)
Also check

The troublemaker said...

See this !

Anonymous said...

With luck you'll find the time to check my resource for information about upcoming seminars and find an article or two or three you'd like to read. I hope you, too, consider comments however short and sweet fun to get and read :)

Anonymous said...

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