Monday, January 17, 2005

Nice Weekend !... FLOSS Meet @ NITC Poster ....

I dont know why my weekends are always good ! May be beacuse i dont need to sit and waste time (?) attending the boring lectures, may be beacuse i can get up late and do whatever i want, or may be because i can see a lot of movies.
I saw 5 movies altogether within the last 2 days.
1. ThoovanaThumbikal ( Mohanlal and Parvathy, Good happy ending Parvathy looks superb in some shorts)
2. Ennenum Kannettante ( It made me really Sendy, I wonder why director Fazil made such a movie to make me cry for a long time. Still we call movies as an entertainment :-) )
3. Manichithrathazhu ( Mohan lal and Sobhana, Nice movie seeing the movie for the third time )
4. Padayappa ( One and Only one RajaniKanth , Action, Songs are classic )
5. Gupt ( Bobby Deol, Kajol, Manisha Koirala Nice unexpected ending, Good songs.)

The Poster for the FLOSS Meet is ready ! It was praveen's idea to make it in the Gimp, and we did it . Praveen Shyam, Tojin ( he wanted to call himself as Creative contributer for FLOSS Meet ), did the most of the part of it . And the lazy man ( me ! ) was there to criticize any every point !

See the poster :


Time to stop ! and get out of the computer centre.. Sessional Exams coming, starting @ Tuesday !
( Papa Kehthe Hai Bada Naam ...)



arun said...

The poster is simply great!!keep up the enthu...
btw,Thoovana Thumbikal has got one beautiful girl called Sumalata as heroine,right?Parvathi is having just a kind of supporting role only...
ya,gotta study for sessionals!

Anivar Aravind said...

Wonderful Poster

Why GIF?

it is not suitable 4 a FLOSS meet