Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Listed in Google ! And More .....

Wow ! It was really amazing to see our FLOSS Site listed in the best search engine GOOGLE . And one more unexpected thing was when you search for "NIT Calicut" in google you can see Praveen's mail in Fsf- friends.
We are modifying the poster . Dr. KPM is in trivandram now. So he will be coming back on thursday so we will finalise the poster and print it . We need to distribute it to Malabar Christian College and other colleges near by.

2 exams are over 1. Economics and 2. Industrial Drives. Economics was easy, I wrote it well ( Full of Gas ) and the second was Industrial Drives was really tough. I was sitting near to one senior PG Student, Veena G . She had promised to help me during the Exams, but disappointed me. Wat kind of behavior is this ? Its the basic principle of FOSS to help, distribute our own copies to others. Then why there is discimination in this ? I was thinking of starting a movement named " Free Distribution of Answer Papers during the Exams." How is the name ? If any one want to join contact me . First come first serve basis. Extra Edge for the toppers.

Two exams on tomorrow . Need to Study. Pappy Mam is going to kill us !.

good Night ! Sweet Dreams !


arun said...

if i and you have to ideas,and if we share it,we both will have two ideas...
if i and you know answers to two questions,and if we share it,we both will have good marks!!
great club of nitc is born;-}

Dilpu said...

you are right that should be our general motto