Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Dawn !

Ya, 2005 has come. A lot of things happened in the past year, both good and bad.

* + Got a job in Wipro technologies Bangalore immediately before graduating, unlike most people I know.
* + Attended the Linux Bangalore 2004 which was wonderful.
* + Wrote a piece of software that helps my papa to easily calculate his income tax.
* + Moved into a new single room in the D Hostel
* - No girlfriend(s), No hope from this college also.. I saw American Pie 1 y'strday night for
inspiration, but still no hope...
* - No health insurance. We are actually suppose to pay 450 Rs to our college for the insurance
* - Having extra enthu and motivation to get out to meet new people in a new place.
* - Wasted a lot of time on seeing English movies
* - Bought a a Mobile Phone and wasted Rs 4500 + 330*6 Rs for recharging . god I was good for mathematics before coming here.

time to stop,
Have a nice Year

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