Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gonna try Debian !

I got the Debian sarge DVD with the december PCQUEST. I am not at all fully satisfied with the Fedora core 3. I heard from one friend that Debian works nicely even with 128 MB RAM. Also the memory managment is very good. Y'strday night i reinstalled the XP . After reinstalling the XOSLalso i was unable to boot to my Fedora . So now trying to reinstall the GRUB and some how rescue my Linux. Today is gonna be a hard time for me .. Lots of work to do ! 1. Have to complete my Lab record and write the rough record for tomorrow.
2. Misha mam is conducting the Electical Drives test tomorrow. Need to prepare 4 that.
3. Wash the clothes.
4. See atleat one movie.
Have a nice day !

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