Sunday, June 26, 2011

Indian National Orchestra Classical Collaboration

Indian National Orchestra (INO) is the creative collaboration of the first national level orchestra. Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh, a veena maestro conceptualized this concept first time in India. The national level coordination is common in other countries like mexico where the origin is traced to 1800s.

The Indian National orchestra conducted their first collaborative concert at krishna Gana Sabha, Thyagaraja Nagar, Chennai. The flavor of the music is distinctly contemporary - a unique confluence of North and South Indian music. The music cannot be called as typical south Indian Classical or Hindustani, but a unique representation of entire India. The occasion also was lighted with the presence of Bombay Jayashri.

For a country like India with the vast culture and diverse musical traditions, a unified performance by artists will surely boost the diversity and unity. Prabhaji who works as the coordinator and chief trustee of Krishna Gana Sabha also needs to be highlighted for his contributions to honour renowned artists. I wish the very best for all the future performances growth of Indian national orchestra.


The concert started with Mangalam sloka followed by compositions in different ragas.
  1. Sri Vigneshwara - Ragaa Gambara Nattai
  2. Peacock Dancing - Raaga Reethi Gowla
  3. River Ganga - Raaga Gangeshwari
  4. Himalaya heights - Raaga Haricharan
  5. Indian folk songs - Raaga Bihag
  6. Kashmir to Kanyakumari - Raaga Sindhubhairavi

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