Saturday, March 10, 2007

Its been a long time...

Dear Blog,

I know its been quite a long time since I blogged. But always its thrilling to write something and being read by lots of people.

Lot of things happening... Travelled to a beautiful Japan, Got lot of new friends, Stayed in a North Indian State for more than a month, Enjoyed Pure Marathi Food and lot more..

Now I started thinking of the higher studies, mainly due to my friends Nikunj and Pulkit. I il say Pulkit is one of the most smartest chaps I have ever seen.. The poor chap is suffering a lot after joining our project group. Segmentation Faults, Parse Errors.. everything is making his life difficult. And Nikunj is the richest guy who is urging to go to US and do his MBA and become a Manager in an investment bank. Both these fellos have been pressing me for a long for me to go for MBA or MS.

I also give a thought on it. What will I attain If I stay here for a long ?. May be a promotion once in 2 years.. Salaries will increase in each year. But more than that ?. Nothing.

Yes I need to do something more. I definitely need to plan for that.

Damn, King Fisher is late as always. But Tata Indicom Free Wifi in Pune Airport rocks!!


M S said...

Ya... finally u r on rt track

Ajith said...

All the best for ur higher studies plans :)

T|ttozz said...

dey one correction, its my sweet home not sweat home ;)
do it asap...