Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lots of stuffs to do ..

God, Why am I lazy like this ? I got to go long way ;).. Things I hope to complete by next week ..

1. Start the Guitar classes again.. I searched in the Bit torrent for the Guitar Videos and I could find lots .. I need to download them and start everything again.

2. Migrate to my My own domain .. I see, is available.. Anyway some one else registered my upto 2007.. He is demanding 50 $ for my old domain.. Dear which one you suggest ?

3. Need to finalise if I need to shift the company or stay back.. I am happy now a days with little and interesting work..

4. Download Latin Dance Classes Videos :)..

5. What else ? ...I forgot ..

I am what I am .. I wont change .


M S said...

you neednt change

Athira said...

i dont want u to change da.....

Hari KT said...

Hi mydear friend whr wer u?
I was looking google for you. Anyway Happy 2 c u again.
Hw r u?
Hw was ur Xmas?
Advance Neyear wishes.

What ever you take your domain name there is no pblm you ll b having hits every day.

Bye your frnd Hari
Do u rmbr me?

samy said...

you are awesome i love you!!